Midlife Crises Just Ahead

How Cliche – Midlife Crisis Anyone?

Wow, am I really having a midlife crisis?

I’m 44 and I think I am having a midlife crisis; not the stereotypical buy a sports car, have an affair, get some plastic surgery to hold on to my youth kind. But the gnawing at you – there has to be more to life, how do I really want to spend the time I have left kind.

As a child I loved reading about adventures and often imagined I was carried away to the little house on the prairie, down the Mississippi river, or off to Neverland. I loved climbing trees, exploring in the creeks and tunnels, building forts and go carts to race downhill. When did I stop imagining, why don’t adults have more adventures? We are filled with worry, putting our adventures and dreams on hold; waiting for retirement or the next ‘thing’ to set us free.

I have wonderful family & friends, the Chiweenies, a beautiful home, the opportunity to travel a few weeks a year, and am fortunate to have a well paying job. Why do I feel like something is missing? For several years now, I have been feeling stressed and burnt out and my health reflected it as well. As a business consultant; I feel like I am always on alert, waiting for an emergency call or email to triage the next crisis.

I didn’t realize until I was working from home for several months just how stressed I had been. I felt layers of it falling away as each day passed by. I felt better but was still not living my full creative potential. If I could only marry the freedom of not working in an corporate office/cube with the freedom to pursue my own creative interests and find a way to support myself. I started thinking about how much I love traveling and having new experiences.

We are taught to succeed, go to college, get a good job, save for retirement and focus on climbing that corporate ladder to find what at the top…? How can this system continue to sustain itself; that expects companies to continually grow and consumers to keep buying more stuff? I want something different; new experiences. Coming to this realization I’ve spent a lot of time thinking; what now? What would I do if I weren’t afraid or worried about how to make a living?

The Mediterranean cruise I took was such a gift and wonderful experience. But I no longer wanted to work for a year or more to pay for 2-3 weeks of freedom and happiness; how can I flip the model to travel cheaper and longer? After a lot of research on the Internet; I found out you can, there are many options, and there are a lot of people living what is called a location independent or digital nomadic lifestyle. One that is more on their own terms.

So, I thought why not get and RV, take a road trip to explore America and have the freedom to pursue my creative passions and get a clearer view of the road ahead. Travel broadens your life perspective and challenges your thought patterns that may have become rigid or were formed on false assumptions. Travel offers a reframing of your views on life; taking you out of your normal day to day routines.

I’m Fine Thanks

I stumbled on the movie I’m Fine Thanks (serendipity). The film completely resonated and confirmed my thoughts and feelings. There are many other people who are contemplating that they made a wrong turn somewhere and may be on the a path that is not their own. The movie is a great documentary on the courage to try something different, highlighting people coming to grips with their discontent and then chasing their passions to create a better life. It opens the dialogue about why are we following the life script that has been handed to us instead of our dreams or a path that is less uncertain but could be more rewarding? You can order the DVD  for $10 or download a streaming version for $5.

Life is Short

This video from Holstee is so inspirational – follow your dreams!

What is your dream? Let us know below! 

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  • Matija
    Posted at 17:36h, 26 September

    Hey Kate,

    I just stumbled on your site searching for something completly different. You’r brave, don’t give up.
    All best 🙂

    • Kate Mullen
      Posted at 21:49h, 29 September

      Hi Matija – I’m glad you found my site – thank you so much!! 🙂

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