The Farmhouse Bakery & Cafe

The Farmhouse Bakery And Cafe

The Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery

The Farmhouse Café and Bakery in Taos NM is a great local restaurant but the first thing you notice when you arrive are the beautiful cottage gardens that welcome you as you stroll toward the door of the café. They are truly a spectacular show of colors and shapes.

The next thing you notice; displayed by the gallery next door are the myriad of wind sculptures that adorn the field to the right of the building. These you can sit and enjoy as you eat your meal, or have a leisurely cup of coffee.

The menu at the Farmhouse is nothing fancy, it’s kind of home cooking type of place. Breakfast is their specialty, but I enjoyed several meals there during my stay, all of them good (don’t miss the green chili chicken stew!). However, THE most wonderful thing about the Farmhouse Café and Bakery is that they are a true farm to table restaurant.

They use only local, organic, and GMO-free foods in their dishes, featuring fresh fruits and vegetables in season.  Their food is sourced from over 20 local ranches and farms, including the Taos Pueblo. During the late spring and summer months, the farmhouse also distributes these foods to folks participating in a local Community Supported Agriculture – CSA arrangement.

As an aside, and as great motivation to us all, The Farmhouse sponsors school garden projects in the area that help children learn to grow vegetables and make healthy relationships with the earth and their food choices.

When children participate in planting harvesting and cooking food, they build a lifelong relationship with sustaining the environment through healthy growing practices.  While I was there Micah Roseberry, the owner of the place, was planning to make kale chips in a solar oven with the kids, how wonderful is that?!

Farmhouse Café and Bakery is worth a visit when you’re in the area, not only is the food good but they are walking the talk when it comes to farm-to-table and supporting sustainable farming practices.

I just fell in love with these old trucks that are scattered around the grounds of the restaurant!

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