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Amazon Locker Love – An RVers Dream!

Amazon Locker Love – An RVers Dream!

Originally published on Winnebagolife 
Full timing in an RV is amazing, but there are some adjustments. I was a frequent customer of the Amazon Prime service at my sticks and bricks home, but up until recently, it’s been tricky to try to arrange order deliveries on the road. Usually, I have to coordinate a campground reservation with a delivery. Most of the time this works out, but many campgrounds aren’t set-up to receive packages. What if I need something, but I’m not staying at a campground? What if I plan to overnight park or boondock?  Well, I found a very cool answer.

I recently tried the Amazon Locker Service and it was amazing!

With this service, you just need to project when you would be near a pickup location of your choice, typically a metro area. You then calculate shipping time, typically 2-3 days with Prime, and then there is a 3-day pick-up window once it is delivered to the box. Don’t worry if you can’t make the pick-up, the item will be automatically returned and refunded!

I scheduled my delivery with my trip to Sea Otter Bike Festival in Monterrey, CA. I placed my order on the road and set the pick up to a Safeway in Seaside a few miles down from the Mazda Laguna raceway campground. It was a breeze! I was able to pick up my boxes, swing by the in-store Starbucks for a frappuccino and pick up groceries all in one stop – I love multi-tasking on errands!

If your pick-up is in a grocery store, you’ll usually find the Amazon Locker near the customer service area and the Redbox movie kiosk. There is a touch screen and scanner used to locate and open your locker. I simply scanned my bar code from my iPhone. My pick-up had three separate scans and three different lockers to retrieve my full order.

I used the service a second time once I arrived at a park in the Redwoods near Santa Cruz. This time I was able to leave my RV hooked up and take an Lyft/Uber for the pick-up since I do not have a tow car. I just love the convenience of this service!

Even if you don’t have an RV, this service may be useful if you are on vacation or at work and do not want packages sitting in front of your house,  or maybe you just want to hide the packages from your curious kids at Christmas. It’s definitely a winner!

Amazon Locker How To 

  • Step 1

    Shop on Amazon add items to your cart. When you checkout under shipping options click the text that says ship to Amazon pickup location or Amazon locker. See if it's available in the area you need and double check delivery estimates once you have selected a location they may change.

  • Step 2

    Amazon will send you notifications along the way and let you know when it's ready for pickup.

  • Step 3

    Print your code or take your smartphone to pick up your order.

  • Step 4

    Scan the code at the kiosk.

  • Step 5

    Retrieve your package!

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  • darr.almeda
    Posted at 23:29h, 17 July

    wOw, that is a great service to know about. I stumbled happily on your blog via YouTube. I was searching for Traveno 59K videos and found the one a couple did interviewing you and your gorgeous 59K. I am in the researching stage, but I want to sell my home and travel for a couple of years. I really like the openness of the 59K and was thinking about having one of the beds removed before I saw that you have successfully done this. You are living like I hope to. I too am a photographer (retired commercial shooter) and want to travel and shoot before I am too old. Thank you for sharing it all Kate and I will be following you. Kind regards, Darlene (

      Posted at 20:46h, 24 July

      Thank you Darlene and good luck on your search! Let me know when you hit the road and we could meet up somewhere and shoot together! Kind regards, Kate