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Are you interested in exploring America, our National Parks, learning about local artisans, foods, and goods, guidance in making lifestyle changes, travel-planning and tips, taking better travel photos, how to work outside a cubicle, or learning about the RV lifestyle? Then this is the place for you. The Road To Adventure is an adventure and photography blog. It’s about my personal experiences and tips providing inspiration for you to dare to take the road less traveled. It is my hope to foster a community of adventure, stewardship, growth, and service.

Hi - I'm Kate!

I would say I’m a techno-geek at heart. I did go to computer camp at Duke University in the early 1980’s – this is when computers ran on DOS and had black or green screens with only text. I realized I did not have it in me to be a developer; all those combinations of 1s and 0s. I just wished you could ‘see’ what you were programming :-). I did have an Atari, Galaga was my game, but I did not play Dungeons and Dragons, so I guess I’m not a true old-school nerd. I’m just a big fan of everything Apple and other tech gadgets.

In 6th grade, I saved my lawn mowing and lemonade stand money to buy my first camera, a Pentax K1000  and immediately fell in love with photography. I have been taking pictures ever since! I carried that camera through college, developing pictures in the darkroom, crossing my fingers, hoping they would come out, waiting for the image to appear. I’m amazed by the advancement in digital cameras and photo-processing software. I love the immediacy and fresh air – no chemicals!

A trip to London in junior high school solidified my wanderlust. I love adventure, meeting people and experiencing new things.

My family had a garden during my grade school years. I wasn’t very patient while it was growing but I loved harvest time. Then when we moved we didn’t have a place for it any longer. I went to college and didn’t really think about it again since the selection and availability was so abundant at the big box grocery stores – what could be wrong with that…? I was having some health problems and started exploring food as medicine and wrestling with vegetarianism for 10 years off and on. I now eat meat and follow a predominantly Paleo diet. I learned more about the food chain ecosystem, the importance of supporting local farmers that use natural farming methods, and knowing where my food comes from. I’ve had a small garden the past couple of years but have dreams of my own hobby farm one day.

I also enjoy woodworking as a hobby. I can do basic carpentry, wood turning, boxes, picture frames, candle holders, etc.

My posts topics follow my passions focusing on nature, our national parks, photography, travel, local foods, and craftsman!

I am a project management business consultant primarily in the financial services industry helping businesses manage large projects whether that is coordinating the creative teams’ output for a portfolio of websites, installing internet phones in 6,000 retail locations, or achieving compliance with a new regulation or law.

My Motto

  • Live great adventures
  • Do good
  • Be open to serendipity – go where the road takes you
  • Cultivate creativity
  • Chase your dreams
  • Take action in the face of fear and uncertainty

Learn More About Me

The Girls!

The girls are Chiweenies. Chi…what did you say? The girls, Cooper and Dakota, are a mixture of Chihuahua (dad) and Dachshund (mom). They are 9-year-old sisters from the same litter and still have the energy levels of puppies which keep me busy! Cooper is 10lbs and is more Chihuahua like and Dakota is 14lbs and is more Dachshund like. They are the best companions on the road!





The Ride! 2016 Winnebago Travato 59K - "Graywolf"!

I downsized from a 27 foot Class A with a toad car to a Class B. There is a huge difference in maneuverability, I can do a u-turn! less stress, etc.

Kitchen sink, two burner propane stove, convection/microwave oven, TV, HDTV antennae, shower, composting toilet, two twin beds, bike and kayak racks, and a solar panel!

Length – 20’6″        Height – 9’1″        Width – 6’9″

Dodge Ram ProMaster Chassis – 280-hp, 3.6L V6 gas engine, 6-speed automatic 62TE transmission

Here is a tour of Graywolf shot by Nathan and Marissa of Less Junk More Journey. We met at the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

RV Roadtrip History

Clare Nova Scotia